Window Glass Repairs | Artform Glass
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Window Glass Repairs


Smashed glass in your door or window is extremely dangerous, so let Artform Glass replace your cracked glass without any destructive structural work. Window glass in older homes has often been installed according to outdated practices and standards. Often homeowners are faced with the risk of unsafe and poorly installed window glass.  Artform Glass offers a safer,  stylish and modern alternative to old glass. We can exceed expectations and offer a plethora of options for your windows and doors. Installing new toughened or laminated glass is an easy and affordable fix, with each of our products complying with Australian safety standards.

There are still a lot of Australian homes with un-toughened float glass in the hinged doors or sliding glass doors. Yours shouldn’t be one of them, as it poses real dangers for kids and pets running around the home. We have a range of alternatives available for you that are compliant with safety standards and safe for your household. We have various tints and performance-coated variants of toughened glass available that you can choose from.



Balconies, verandas and pool fences use varying fixing styles when installing glass fencing and balustrades. Our team of experienced glaziers will advise you on the best style of fixing to use with your new fencing or balustrade. When it comes to styling, we have numerous options for you to pick from. You can choose to have a top or side mounted glass or choose between clear or frosted glass for optimal privacy. Other alternatives like wood and metal only invite climbers, but are also increasingly hard to maintain and not advisable. Contact us today to find out more about why glass balustrades are the only choice in fencing

Trends are changing everywhere, including in the building industry. Amber glass was once popular back in the 60s and 70s, as it ensured privacy whilst casting a ting of yellow light into your home. Today things have certainly changed, with white translucent glass now used in most cases instead of Amber glass. Whilst maintaining privacy, white translucent glass ensures bright white light is filtered into your home to create beautiful ambience paired with strength and safety. Contact our team today to find out how a modern glass replacement will look in your home.