Custom Glass Shelving & Glass Shelving Kits | Artform Glass
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Custom Glass Shelving & Glass Shelving Kits

Glass Shelving an elegant addition to your home.

Glass Shelving can be a versatile addition to your home.  It can create the illusion of more space and when toughened is super strong.  Artform Glass can custom make glass shelving to any size and shape. The glass shelves are available in a wide variety of glass types, colours and thicknesses.  Fixing Hardware and brackets are also available in a huge range of shapes, finishes and sizes and can be installed to any wall type, including plaster, masonry, and timber.  For the DIY enthusiasts, we offer Glass shelving kits, they are available in 6mm, 8mm or 10mm thick toughened glass shelves, plus brackets and fixings.

Get your shampoos off the floor! Put them within arms reach on your newly installed glass shelf. There is no other product that stands the test of time in your shower.  Glasses transparency can allow light to travel through it and appear to create more space.   Glass shelves allow light to filter through to other displayed items, to further enhance the visual layout of your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry. Our toughened glass display shelving systems are built to last.  Call us today to discuss your options.


Glass Shelving a modern stylish alternative

Glass Shelving can be used extensively in both domestic and commercial environments. Artform Glass specialises in coloured glass shelving available in any colour you can image.  We install toughened glass and slumped glass in custom designs for display and storage purposes. By using toughened glass, the risk of breakage is drastically reduced, keeping you and your family or your employees safe.