Silicone Application & Servicing | Artform Glass
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Silicone Application & Servicing

For a Fresh, Clean Look, simply replace your silicone.

The Artform Glass team is fully trained in the professional application and replacement of Silicone and Caulking compounds. Over a period of time, if not properly maintained or inferior products were applied, silicone can lose it’s structural integrity and lose it’s ”as new” look.  It becomes discoloured, harbours mould and loses it’s adhesive quality.  To achieve that brand new look once again in kitchens and bathrooms, we recommend replacement of the silicone and caulking compounds.  Advancements in silicone production mean we can offer a wide variety of colour and provide a superior seal and appearance.  Adding value to your home at minimal cost.

Discoloured, mouldy silicone is an eyesore, unhygenic and impossible to clean.  Silicone servicing and replacement is a specialist treatment and as experienced licensed glaziers, we know how important it is to apply silicone correctly to bath, shower, basins, and to kitchen areas etc.  We are specialists in the application of silicone and caulking compounds and pride ourselves on delivering a superior seal and appearance.  No job is too big or too small, we can service both residential and commercial premises.  Contact us today.


Replace your Silicone consult us today.

We have a wealth of experience in the application of silicone.  Consult us today in how you can rejuvenate your bathroom and kitchen at minimal cost.  One of our friendly team can visit your home and provide an evaluation or alternatively you can provide us with a few photographs and we can chat over the phone as to the best solution for you.