Replacement Fixtures & Fittings Hardware | Artform Glass
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Replacement Fixtures & Fittings Hardware


High performance architectural glass hardware is allowing homeowners to create striking interiors that they have only been able to dream about in the past.  A simple change of a shower screen knob can modernise a shower screen with little expense.  A simple change of a door water strip can rejuvenate a shower screen and lift a tired old bathroom.  The addition of a high quality chrome squeegee on mount can add elegance to any bathroom as well as cutting your cleaning time in half.  These are simple changes that can have huge visual impact, for little cost.  Easy for anyone to fit and we can ship Australia wide.

We can come direct to you and assess your hardware needs or alternatively you can send us a photograph of your needs and we can give you an idea of costings and what may be involved.  For the DIY enthusiast we can save you time and money and ship your hardware requirements to you Australia wide, with simple fitting instructions.


Simple Changes BIG impact

Simple updates in hardware can change the whole look of a bathroom.  Sometimes it is not necessary to replace the whole shower screen, a simple update of shower screen hardware, for example, new hinges, new wall brackets, new knob, water bars and possibly glass shelving and brackets can all pull together a bathroom’s look, updating it and creating a fresh, clean and unified appearance for minimal outlay.  The DYI enthusiast can install this hardware with ease.