Shower Screen Servicing & Supplies | Artform Glass
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Shower Screen Servicing & Supplies

Rejuvenate your old shower screens and fixtures, restore them to their former glory.

Our expert team can come to your home and assess the condition of your bathroom.  We can offer cost effective services such as replacement of old mouldy silicone, replacement or adjustment of ageing hardware and install new water bars and water seals.  The team can repair and replace all that is required to maintain the integrity of your shower screen or we can provide the hardware and materials for the DIY enthusiast.  We can work within each of our customers requirements and budget.

It is vitally important to maintain your shower enclosure to prevent water leakage that can lead to expensive water damage.  Addressing issues NOW will prevent them turning into major problems down the track which could prove very costly and create an unsafe shower enclosure environment.


Professional Guidance on Shower Screen Servicing

Our experienced team can identify potential hazards in your bathroom.  It is advisable to have your shower screen inspected and serviced every year or two. This is especially important in environments were there is a high volume of usage, including large families and or rental properties.  Where small problems are often overlooked and before you know it, turn into large expensive repairs.  Hardware failure can compromise the working integrity of the shower enclosure posing a substantial risk to people and property.  Don’t leave it to chance, contact us now.


To ensure your shower enclosure integrity withstands time, the detail is important.  Etching in Glass, hard water deposits, old mouldy silicone and ageing Hardware can lead to structural compromise in your bathroom, which can pose a significant safety hazard to your family.  Save yourself the anxiety and stress and have your bathroom professionally assessed by the Artform Glass Team.